Length OA 6.99 m (22′ 11″)
Length Alloy 6.50 m (21′ 4″)
Length WL 5.48 m (18′ 0″)
Beam OA 2.60 m (8′ 6″)
Draft hull 0.43 m (1′ 5″)
Draft (outboards) 0.76 m (2′ 6″)
Deadrise 13°
Displacement 2716 kg incl payload (5988 lbs)
Engine Power Single 150 Hp Outboard
Fuel Capacity 304 Ltr (80 Gallons)
Sprint Speed 26 knots
Hull Material Marine Grade Aluminium Alloy
Crew limit 4 persons
Width bow ramp 1.30 m (4′ 3″)


STUDY PLANS: See Stockplans BUILDING PLANS & KIT: See Stockplans

DVD 6.5m Aluminium Landing Craft – Workboat

Typical for these boats are the heavy bow ramps allowing efficient and safe (un)loading of personnel and equipment. The hull has a 13 degrees deadrise bottom for planing. Deck height and buoyancy capacity of this design allow the deckof the vessel to remain dry in all conditions including when fully loaded with a crewmember standing on the open bow gate. Port and starboard push knees are fitted outboard of the ow gate and fitted with heavy duty D rubber fendering. The vessels design, construction and outfitting allow this vessel to meet all Transport Canada requirements including ISO Category C stability requirements.

We designed these landing craft vessels in cooperation with Kanter Marine in Canada for Parks Canada. Parks Canada buys, manages and operates numerous small craft in support of its Departmental programs and other missions. These landing craft have proven themselves to be robust and reliable, suitable for year round service in remote areas of Canada and other parts of the world.