At de Villiers Marine Design we strive to create exceptional marine designs for all types of boats, monohull and multihull yachts and fast response vessels.
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DVD 52 foot Aluminium Cruising Catamaran – Design #163 / #183 /#226

This is the smallest design in our range of Aluminium Sailing Catamarans. The philosophy and basic features of this design are firmly rooted in our earlier, successful 62ft Alloy Ketch Cat design which has covered over 100000 nautical miles as an expedition charter boat.

The 525 Cat is obviously smaller and more manageable than the 62ft older sister. We have developed 2 distinct versions of the design ie. a ketch rig as well as a sloop rig and lately there is a 3rd iteration which is essentially the sloop version with a stretched deckhouse roof for an increased solar array plus other minor modifications. 

Early concepts of this design reflected a more performance-oriented optimisation for the design. In developing the full construction plans we have chosen to accentuate capacities and features which will have more mainstream appeal to a broader spectrum of cruising sailors.

Make no mistake this design remains well above average in terms of sailing performance. Performance can be further enhanced by the sailor willing to compromise by not overloading the boat. 

Having said all that what we have here is a durable, rugged alloy cruising boat with inherent safety features (6x watertight compartments, skeg protected rudders and props, exceptional underwing clearance, easily-managed ketch rig etc) which will appeal to anyone wanting to cruise far and wide.

Our plan packages are carefully detailed and together with the comprehensive build kit information (assembly drawings and nested CNC cutting files) most skilled yachtbuilders will have no trouble putting together your perfect cruising home.

We are available to discuss any of the questions you have. Please contact us for further information on this design. 


Length Hull 16.00m (52ft 6in)
Length WL 15.98m (52ft 5in)
Beam OA 7.70m (25ft 7in)
Draught Hull 0.66m (2ft 2in)
Draught Fixed Keels 1.20m (3ft 11in)
Sail Area Upwind 143/155 sqm (1539/1663 sq ft)
Displacement 14300 kg (31526 lbs)
Bridge Deck Clearance 0.85 m (2’ 9”)
Material Aluminum 5083
Engine Power Twin 50 Hp inboard diesels
Fuel Tank Capacity 2x 430 Ltr (227 USGallons)
Water Tank Capacity 2x 450 Ltr (238 USGallons)
Holding Capacity 2x 150 Ltr (80 USGallons)
CE Category A (Ocean)

Design #163

Design #183

Design #226

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