Length OA 6.60 m (21” 8’)
Length Alloy 5.60 m (18” 5’)
Length WL 5.33 m (17” 6’)
Beam 2.59 m (8′ 6″)
Beam Alloy 2.12 m (7′ 0″)
Draft hull 0.40 m (1′ 4″)
Deadrise 16°
Displacement 2260 kg (3860 lbs)
Engine Power Twin 150 Hp Outboards
Fuel Capacity 200 Ltr (53 Gallons)
Sprint Speed approx 45 knots
Hull Material Marine Grade Aluminium Alloy
Fender Hypalon


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DVD 6.0m Aluminium Open RHIB – Fast Response Vessel with D-Collar – Design #134B

Those with a keen eye will note that this smaller D-RHIB design shares an identical hull shape with design #128. Both vessels were built in Ontario by Kanter Marine. This vessel is a perfect example of how easily metal boat designs can be chopped and changed to suit altered criteria and utilisations.

#128 was the first version of the 6m design built and operates off the coast of Nova Scotia by the RCMP. #134b is primarily used for patrol/rescue by a regional authority on the inland lakes in British Columbia. Both these vessels employ a standard console originally designed by DVS for another vessel.

Deck space on this vessel is maximised by simply moving the console further forward. In addition our standard D-RIB detail allows a greater internal beam and thereby further maximising the deck area.

Other versions of this design have been built in various parts of Europe. In summary this version of the 6m Open RHIB is another from our growing stable of fast, rugged and seaworthy vessels doing duty in many parts of the world.